Measles outbreak investigation in west Hararghie zone of Oromia region , Ethiopia ,2007


  • Kassahun Mitiku
  • Wendemagegn Kegne


This epidemic investigation was conducted in West Harargie zone of Oromia Region, Ethiopia. The zone had a total population of 1,900,412 in 2007. Measles catch-up SIAs were conducted in 2002 followed by 2 rounds of follow up SIAs in 2005 and 2007 (with 93% administrative coverage in both rounds). The measles routine immunization administrative coverage has shown an improvement from 34% in 2002 to 71% in 2007. With an improving surveillance system there was no adequate documentation of measles outbreaks and mortality due to measles throughout the country. This paper describes the findings of an investigation of a confirmed measles outbreak in this zone between WHO epidemiological weeks 2 and 29 of 2007
A household retrospective surveys was conducted in 7 Woreda of west Harargie zone of Oromia region from 1August to 3 September 2007. A house-to-house search for measles cases was conducted in each village of the 8 Woredas where the measles epidemic was reported (from January to June of 2007). Guardian of the cases (ascertained based on the WHO cases definition) were interviewed based on the questionnaire. Data was collected by trained health workers. The data was checked by WHO surveillance officer. EPI2000 and SPSS statistical packages were used for data analysis. The investigation team carried out a time, place and person analysis, and estimated the case fatality rate, X2 test used whenever necessary.

A total of 718 cases were identified and interviewed during the survey period; of which 54% are males and the same percentage is under age of five years old. 84.4 % of the cases were from 3 Woredas. Among the investigated patients, 579 (80.6%) were unvaccinated for measles, 96 (13.2 %) reported to have received at least one dose of measles vaccine. 




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